DISC Relationship Strategies – MP3 Series

Building Relationships that Work Like Magic...

Learn it and all of a sudden people close to you will want to move closer. Strangers you just met will feel drawn to you. The people that never liked you will have a change of heart. Your children, spouse, and co-workers will mysteriously begin to feel "understood" - many for the first time in their lives. 
DISC Relationship Strategies - We're talking about some powerful stuff here. Many people think that learning relationship strategies is boring and complicated. I can promise you nothing is further from the truth. You'll wonder why you didn't make building rapport among those around you a priority years ago. 
Relationship Strategies Are Important! 
I'm sure you've heard of the "Golden Rule": "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." After 39 years of relationship research and development, I have learned that people don't want you treating them like you want to be treated. They want you to treat them like they want to be treated. 
That is why I developed The Platinum Rule®, "Do unto others as they would like done unto them!" 
Now you can learn these powerful, proven strategies... 
Just purchase my DISC Relationship Strategies MP3 Series and listen to it in your car, on the way to the office, or when you are out doing sales calls. (This will help you sell more than you can possibly imagine.) This MP3 series is 5+ hours of entertaining and powerful content peppered with numerous professional actor vignettes and live story segments. I'll wager that it just might be the very best audio program you've ever heard - in terms of content, delivery, and production value. 
From the DISC Relationship Strategies MP3s, you'll learn:

  • How to master The Platinum Rule®
  • How to build instant rapport with colleagues, customers, friends and family members
  • How to get along with people better than ever
  • How to start connecting with people easier and faster
  • New and powerful communication skills to use when interacting with your co-workers
  • The four basic behavior types and how to deal effectively with each one
  • How to easily determine the personality style of everyone you meet in a few short minutes
  • How to improve your compatibility with anyone and everyone
  • How to genuinely know and understand what makes people tick
  • How to understand why you act the way you do
  • How to improve your productivity and clear the way for career advancement

After you listen to this powerful MP3 series and take my advice, people will instantly notice your transformation. They'll start coming to you for guidance because you will have become a leader in their eyes. When conflicts arise, you'll notice how quickly you're able to bring arguments to a halt. By being able to build rapport with anyone you choose, your ability to communicate will get the results you want in any business situation, no matter if you are closing a sale or motivating your team. 

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