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Frequently Asked Questions About Tony's Speaking Engagements

What can I expect from a presentation by Tony?
Tony's programs help companies achieve market leadership through specific high-leverage strategies designed to build long-term customer loyalty by applying high-tech and high-touch marketing, sales, service, and relationship-building skills. His street-wise, college-smart perspective on business offers audiences practical ideas that work and produce profitable bottom-line results.
What is his presentation style?
Tony delivers information with a lot of "snap"--so people can grasp it, remember it, and use it. He has a knack for entertaining up a storm while carefully laying down a simple, powerful, business-building message… a message that people remember for a long, long time.
What is Tony's objective?
When Tony gets in front of an audience his objective is to reach everyone in the audience--from the Board of Directors to the front-line folks in the trenches--and give them something useful they can take back with them and use immediately. For Tony there's no greater thrill than for someone to come up to him after a speech and say, "I really enjoyed your talk and learned things that will help me in my job and in my life."
Are Tony's programs interactive?
Tony's background as a college professor for 8 1/2 years from 1970 through 1978 helped influence his presentation style. He learned early that if he wanted to keep the audience interested, he had to keep them involved and entertained. So he encourages audience participation and he reacts to their comments. The audience is a crucial part of the program and helps the presentation unfold in a unique way based on their interaction.
How does Tony customize his presentation for my group?
Before Tony gives a presentation he does his homework. He has a pre-program questionnaire that he asks clients to complete in advance of his speech. This gives him the details about the audience, the company, and the industry. But the most important part of his preparation is a face-to-face meeting with the client just prior to his speech. So many times he has picked up something at this meeting that he has then woven into his speech that just made the day for his audience. He wants his talk to be the highlight of the entire meeting and he works hard to achieve that.
How can I check if Tony is available to speak at my meeting?
To review Tony's speaking schedule please call Holli Toll Free at (800) 222-4383. Her international number is (760) 603-8110.
Please note that his calendar changes daily. You can also contact us to request a hold date and book programs.
What is your confirmation process?
Upon your confirmation we start by sending you a detailed confirmation packet that includes Tony's topic descriptions, biography, audio/visual requirements, photograph, training resources information, and his pre-program questionnaire. After reviewing your completed questionnaire, Tony will contact you to review the information you provided and to clarify your meeting goals and objectives. He'll create his rough program outline and then e-mail you a copy of his Power Point presentation. Together, over a series of content related phone calls, you'll review the flow of his presentation and create the ideal program for your event. As the meeting planner who selected Tony, our goal is to make you look good and we'll do everything possible to ensure that happens!
Do you offer support materials?
Tony has developed an extensive library of support materials designed to reinforce his message and continue the learning process beyond the meeting room. His goal is to turn the concepts he presents during his program into behaviors and habits the attendees will practice well after his program. We offer substantial discounts on our learning materials to our clients, so you have the option to provide these learning materials as take-home tools for your attendees.


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I thoroughly enjoyed your speech and found many new, useful ideas to use immediately in my business... That's a great presentation. Thanks!
--Rose Clayton
I wanted to pass along my personal thanks to you for speaking at our annual Program Manager's conference. All of the feedback that I received, both in person, as well as in writing, was overwhelmingly positive, and your talk was a big part of that! Thanks again, and I hope that we'll see you at a future Harris event.
--Amos Morse
Thank you for the kind words. Your presentation was the best of all outside presentations - everyone thought you were great! I look forward to the opportunity to put you in front of other clients of ours in the future.
Tony's presentation had real impact. The points he made were not only relevant to our audience, they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun. It was great to have such an important topic delivered with punch as well as humor. His anecdotes were fabulous. Ask him about the pots and pans.
--Corrine Smith
Thanks so much for your presentation at NSA San Diego last week. It was the best combination of practical tips and inspiration that I have seen at an NSA meeting ever! Thanks again for your powerful message and willingness to spend so much time with those of us starting out.
--Jim Cartmill