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The DISC Relationship Strategies DVD

Description: In this powerful 69-minute DVD of a live, entertaining program by Dr. Tony Alessandra, you'll learn:

  • Useful techniques for understanding behavioral styles
  • Dealing more effectively with anybody and everybody you meet
  • The best ways of building rapport
  • How to break the ice with strangers
  • How to quickly and accurately size people up
  • How to adapt your style to make others feel more comfortable
  • And a whole lot more.

Price: $89.95




People Smart in Business 220-Page PDF eBook

Description: Discover who seeks recognition and who wants results. Who loves consistency and who fears change. This knowledge shows you how to sell your ideas and win people over. You'll be able to reach the unreachable. When a job needs to be done—use your People Smarts to pick the perfect person for the job. And put yourself and your projects in the best position to win.

PRICE: $9.99






The DISC Platinum Rule - PDF eWorkbook

Description: The DISC Platinum Rule workbook is what you need to communicate and win; understand what people REALLY want and what they fear most. With this discovery you understand how to spot each behavioral style. You start seeing your family and friends in a whole new - more understanding - way. The response you get from them will astonish you.

PRICE: $9.99




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