The DISC Virtual Training Program

This DISC Platinum Rule Interactive Virtual Training Program is not just a simple set of videos. It's a full motion interactive training program delivered through a cutting edge multi-million dollar training and communication technology that trains, tracks, monitors and measures each and every user in real time.

It's almost like having Dr. Alessandra on staff working 24/7 to get your organization completely trained and efficient at utilizing the DISC Behavioral Style communication strategies to increase sales, customer loyalty and internal communication and teamwork!

It has built in real-time reporting and notification metrics to make sure everyone is learning and succeeding. The value of this interactive virtual training program is in the understanding, retention and successful implementation of this powerful content.

Give your staff and company a competitive advantage by learning how to leverage the DISC Behavioral Style communication strategies.

Call Dr. Tony at 1-619-610-9933 for quantity discount prices.

Here is what this program covers:

  • Course 1: The Different DISC "Styles"
    What is Behavioral Style? * Introduction to The Platinum Rule® * The Four Primary DISC Styles
  • Course 2: How to Identify Each DISC Style
    Identifying Guarded versus Open Behaviors, Direct versus Indirect Behaviors and each of the Four DISC Styles
  • Course 3: Describing the Four DISC Styles
    Introduction to the 'D' Style, 'I' Style, 'S' Style and 'C' Style
  • Course 4: Adaptability with all Four DISC Styles
    What is Adaptability? * Adapting Your Pace & Priority * Adapting to the 'D' Style, 'I' Style, 'S' Style and 'C' Style
  • Course 5: Building Effective Teams
    Building Effective Teams * How the Four Styles Interact in Group Settings
  • Course 6: Leadership and the Four DISC Styles
    Position Power and versus Personal Power * Communicating, Motivating, Complimenting, Counseling, Correcting, Delegating and Acknowledging each DISC Style
  • Course 7: The DISC Sales & Service Process
    The Five Definable stages to the Sales Cycle: Initial Contact, Exploring Needs, Presenting Solutions, Confirming the Sale and Assuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Course 8: How to Use the DISC Interactive Communications Coach
    A step-by-step explanation on how to use the reusable DISC Interactive Communications Coach.
  • Course 9: DISC Relationship Strategies Final Exam
    This last course is the DISC Final Exam – a 40-question multiple choice test to see how well you absorbed the information in the DISC Virtual Training Program. You need to score 70% or better to get a passing grade. Are you up to the challenge.

Call Dr. Tony at 1-619-610-9933 for quantity discount prices.


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