"For my money, Assessments 24x7 is the best assessment resource in the business!”

Don Hutson, CEO, U.S. Learning, Inc. and Author of NY Times International Best-Sellers: "The One Minute Entrepreneur" and
"The One Minute Negotiator"

“We have been building our DISC business for the last 7 years and I was initially hesitant to move away from the product that we knew so well. As it turns out, not only was Assessments 24x7 comparable, they're better on many levels.

First, their pricing is better. Second, the incredible level of personal service that they offer us is refreshing-- they have a very quick turnaround on our many requests. And, last but not least - their platform is very user friendly with video training to help you. Their free training materials include audios, videos, and PowerPoint that help you understand DISC at a much higher level. What more can I say? This is a HUGE win for ActionCOACH!"

Heather Christie, ActionCOACH, "The Americas Coach of the Year" 2010 Award Recipient

“Assessments 24x7 knows assessments like no one else on earth! They've been at it for more than a quarter century and they have it down to a science. You couldn’t ask for a better business partner!”

Steve Marx, CEO, The Center for Sales Strategy

“We believe so strongly in the value of Dr. Tony Alessandra’s program within an organization, that we have added it as a supplement to all of our clients in Grant Cardone Sales Training University."

Jarrod Glandt, VP Sales, Grant Cardone Enterprises

“Assessments 24x7 has set up an amazing center that provides consultants like myself with tools to help others improve their effectiveness. I’ve known Dr. Alessandra for the past five years, and his company has been very responsive to my needs."

Bob VeVerka, President, Professional Learning System

“I use the assessments provided by Assessments 24x7 to grow sales, help my clients better understand their strengths and build on those strengths. I can always find the right assessment. The support I receive is outstanding and when I have questions on a particular assessment, I can always pick up the phone and get the answers I need. I recommend, when you need assessments, you give Assessments 24x7 a try.”

Ron Finklestein, President & CEO, AKRIS Inc.

“Assessments 24x7's DISC & Motivators assessment service and customization is the best framework I have ever used. Their flexibility and terrific customer service allows you to look like a champ without revealing the secrets to your success! Their customer service is frankly unmatched in the industry. They have bent over backwards for me and helped me become more efficient than ever! And you can personally brand your own assessments too! Simply unbelievable!”

Steve Sisler, CPBA CPVA, The Behavioral Resource Group Inc.

“Assessments 24x7 is an incredible resource for business owners who want to offer assessments to their customers. They offer an array of high-quality assessment instruments. Plus they provide exceptional customer service and IT support to host your own assessments. After YEARS of struggling to develop this capability myself, I’m extremely happy Assessments 24x7 offers this easy-to-use service.”

Faith Ralston, CEO Play to Your Strengths, TalentQuiz.com

“I have been using Assessments 24x7 with ActionCOACH for some time. My investment with Assessments 24x7 has been far cheaper than other options and everything they offer can be pesonalized to your brand. They also offer a variety of assessments to choose from. Even their online admin pages are straightforward and easy use. End users find it simple to access the link and complete their assessments. Each report is very detailed, yet straightforward and presented simply for the user to understand. Therefore, I can highly recommend the use of Assessments 24x7.”

Mark Carn, Business & Executive Coach, ActionCOACH

“We originally contacted Assessments 24x7 to explore migrating one of our key assessments from a big-name platform to a leaner, more flexible one. Assessments 24x7 worked out all the details for us and we were very pleased to see how their team managed the migration. Eight years later, we are still working with Assessments 24x7. They have always been flexible and pleasant when accommodating our unique needs.”

Jamie Grettum, Senior Project Leader, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Confidence-- that is what I love about working with Assessments 24x7-- the confidence I have in their team, their back office, their excellence in support-and-service and their "can do" approach to our requests! Our business relies on them and I always know that we are in very capable hands. Thank you Assessments 24x7!”

Liz Hanson, Client Director, Athlete Assessments

“Assessments 24x7 has been BETTER than excellent to work with. When they say they are going to do something- they do it!

The assessments focused on hiring and selection, team building, and sales training are very valuable. Their purchasing, delivering, taking and reporting processes are all very streamlined and SIMPLE. I am very pleased that Assessments 24X7 and ActionCOACH have developed this relationship.”

Greg Thompson, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

“As part of our final testing process, I personally took one of Assessments 24x7's DISC assessments last night to review content, wording, glitches, etc. I have to say that I've always been intrigued by DISC assessments, but after reading my results last night...WOW! It was amazing at how accurate the information pinpointed my natural and adapted styles. My wife and I read throughout the reports together and shared many laughs, at my expense, as to how accurate the information was describing my style.

As I read through the DISC report, the phrases, the word choices, my strengths, my tendencies, my motivators, I thought... THIS ASSESSMENT IS A MUST!"

Joseph Roqueplot, Financial Controller, JaneCo's Sensible Solutions

“Assessments 24x7 exceeded my expectations. When I was in need of credible and affordable assessment training, they delivered. I consider them a business partner. Assessments 24x7 provided credible resources for me as a business coach and as a workplace learning professional."

Steve Graham, VP Marketing, Radio America

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