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Tony Alessandra
Tony Alessandra
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I thoroughly enjoyed your speech and found many new, useful ideas to use immediately in my business... That's a great presentation. Thanks!
--Rose Clayton
I wanted to pass along my personal thanks to you for speaking at our annual Program Manager's conference. All of the feedback that I received, both in person, as well as in writing, was overwhelmingly positive, and your talk was a big part of that! Thanks again, and I hope that we'll see you at a future Harris event.
--Amos Morse
Thank you for the kind words. Your presentation was the best of all outside presentations - everyone thought you were great! I look forward to the opportunity to put you in front of other clients of ours in the future.
Tony's presentation had real impact. The points he made were not only relevant to our audience, they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun. It was great to have such an important topic delivered with punch as well as humor. His anecdotes were fabulous. Ask him about the pots and pans.
--Corrine Smith
Thanks so much for your presentation at NSA San Diego last week. It was the best combination of practical tips and inspiration that I have seen at an NSA meeting ever! Thanks again for your powerful message and willingness to spend so much time with those of us starting out.
--Jim Cartmill
Tony Alessandra

Timely Tips Back Issues

1   How to make friends in five seconds
2   How do others see you?
3   Has the Golden Rule lost its glitter?
4   Have you discovered your Genius?
5   How to achieve a positive state of mind
6   How to make powerful first impressions
7   What's Your Personality Style?
8   Don't feel bad, many geniuses go unnoticed
9   What's your mission?
10   How your body language impacts your success
11   How to work with others' Behavior Styles
12   How to expand your mind, explore your possibilitie...
13   How deep is your knowledge?
14   Do you pay attention to the little things?
15   What are your behavioral strengths and weaknesses?
16   Albert Einstein - Visionary Genius
17   Are you chronically crunched for time?
18   Master Skills with The Four Phases of Learning
19   What are your goals and fears?
20   Utilize Your Visionary Genius
21   Self-confidence secrets!
22   A quick tip to prevent misunderstandings
23   Is your personality influenced by heritage?
24   Thomas Edison - Applied Genius
25   Do you bend or break?
26   Learn to Say No
27   Is Your Career Suited to Your Personality?
28   Abraham Lincoln - Leadership Genius
29   How to use a "To Do" list to save time and your sa...
30   The Path to Good Karma
31   Opposites Don't Always Attract
32   Unlock Your Leadership Potential
33   Did You Write Your Eulogy Yet?
34   Do You Listen as Well as You Speak?
35   The Secret to Social Compatibility
36   Jim Thorpe - Physical Genius
37   Are You Smart Enough to Know When You're Wrong?
38   Don't Cut off Relationships Before They Get Starte...
39   How to Work Well With Anyone!
40   Winston Churchill - Communication Genius
41   Take the Time Analysis Quiz
42   Telephone Etiquette Tips
43   Spot a Style From a Mile Away - Office
44   Public Speaking Pointers
45   Do you have Street Smarts?
46   Becoming More Persuasive
47   Spot a Style On the Phone
48   Mother Teresa - Spiritual Genius
49   Setting Smart Goals
50   Finding the right mentors
51   Spot a Style By Dress
52   Finding your spiritual power
53   Making Big Tasks Smaller
54   Listen and Learn
55   Improve Your Leadership Skills
56   Financial Genuis - Peter Lynch
57   Short-Term Victories
58   The Shortest Distance Between Two People
59   Who are you supervising?
60   Socrates - Philosophical Genius
61   Make Your Wardrobe Work For You
62   The Art of Delegating
63   How do you help employees through problems?
64   The Genius of Humor
65   The Five C's of Effective Execution
66   What Do You Think About Your Goals?
67   The Possibilities, Pitfalls, and Profitability of ...
68   How Do You Delegate?
69   Applying the Genius of Humor
70   Find Out Exactly Where Your Time Goes
71   Sustain Your Good Image
72   Complimenting by Style
73   Artistic Genius – Leonardo daVinci
74   Feed Your Self-Confidence
75   Connect With People Quickly, Meaningfully
76   Correcting By Style
77   Applying Artistic Genius
78   Abstain From Judging
79   Learn to Manage Interruptions
80   Maximizing Your Adaptability
81   Awareness, Attentiveness and Intuition
82   Procrastination
83   Listen with Empathy
84   How the Four Styles Communicate in Groups
85   The Best of Dr. Tony Alessandra
86   I'll See it When I Believe it!
87   Give Good Meetings
88   Flexibility Prescription
89   Physical Genius – Wayne Gretzky
90   Working Toward Your Goals
91   Apathy is a Major Social Problem – But Who Cares?
92   The Four Styles -- Acting on the Golden Rule
93   Applying Physical Genius
94   Eliminate Time-Wasters
95   Silent Messages: Your Intellectual Image
96   How the Four Styles Set Goals in Groups
97   Dwight Eisenhower: Leadership Genius
98   Adaptability
99   How Conflicts Build Up and How to Resolve Them
100   How the Four Styles Make Decisions in Groups
101   Jack LaLanne - Physical Genius
102   Competition With Others
103   How People Learn
104   Who Do Directors Get Along With?
105   Martin Luther King, Jr. - Spiritual Genius
106   Patience really does pay off!
107   Do Opposites Attract for Socializers?
108   APPLYING Spiritual Genius
109   The Elements of Street Smarts
110   Why don't you listen to me!
111   Do Opposites Attract? Director Styles
112   Genius -- The Last Piece of the Puzzle
113   Open Up to the Unexpected
114   Listen and Learn
115   Do Opposites Attract? Relater Styles
116   Anatomy of a Whiner
117   Contribute to the Greater Good
118   Do Opposites Attract? Thinker Styles
119   Think How to Achieve Your Goals
120   Be a Part of the Chain of Good Deeds
121   Can You Tell Who Wrote This Letter?
122   Create Your Future
123   Always Imitated, Never Duplicated
124   How the Four Styles Use Influence in Groups
125   Even the Best Excuse Doesn't Feel as Good as Success
126   Listener Reception Problems
127   Burn Out—How can you try so hard to succeed and yet fail?
128   Happiness is a Way of Traveling
129   Being Unapproachable
130   Designing a Group
131   Hone Your Sense of Humor
132   Exuding Competence
133   Creating Your Mission
134   Make Fitness a Lifestlye
135   Silent Messages - Your Physical Image
136   Resistance
137   Don't Interrupt Learning
138   Seek Winners, Spurn Losers
139   Don't Just Say It - Do It!
140   Leadership Styles
141   Be Mindful, Not Mindless
142   Single-Mindedness
143   Empathy
144   Developing Different Styles of Workers
145   Stay in the Here and Now
146   Listening with Body Language
147   The Best Things in Life aren't Things
148   Give Sincere Compliments
149   Rejecting Subjectiveness
150   Listen—Really Listen
151   Mind Your Finances
152   Try Delaying Procrastination
153   Practice Being a Better Questioner
154   Sending Emails by Style
155   Unreasonable Risk-Taking
156   Tolerance
157   Introducing Yourself to Each Style by Phone
158   Vision
159   Try to Arouse Positive Emotion
160   What Each Style Does Best and What's Difficult for Them
161   Rigidity
162   Enthusiasm
163   The Way of the Salesperson
164   Failure is the Line of Least Persistence
165   Personal Space
166   The Way of the Customer
167   Relaxation and Stress Reduction
168   Preferred Business Situations for Each Style
169   Sustaining Motivation
170   Voice Quality
171   Business Characteristics of Each Style
172   Improving Your Spirtual Self
173   Keys to Effective Feedback
174   Preferred Social Situations for Each Style
175   Positive Thinking
176   Adaptability
177   Exercise Emotional Control
178   Typical Social Behaviors of Each Style
179   Sense of Humor
180   Adapting to Each Style
181   Visualization
182   Ambition
183   Balance
184   Communication
185   Curiosity
186   Developing Employees According to Style
187   Determination
188   Focus
189   Humility
190   Innovation
191   Four Styles -- Just Acting Themselves
192   Integrity
193   Leadership
194   Optimism
195   Adjusting to Other People's Styles -- Prescriptions for Flexibility
196   Problem Solving
197   Resourcefulness
198   Risk Management
199   Salesmanship
200   Self-Motivation
201   How the Four Styles Make Decisions in Groups
202   Team Player
203   Vision
204   How the Four Styles Involve Others in Groups
205   How the Four Styles Use Influence in Groups
206   How the Four Styles Set Goals in Groups
207   How the Four Styles Communicate in Groups
208   Correcting By Style
209   How to Compliment Different Types of People
210   All the Riches You Haven’t Recognized or Claimed in the Past Are Still Available to You
211   Wealth Comes in Many Forms
212   Your Abundance Will Show up For You in Exact Proportion to Your
213   The Value of an Accountability Coach
214   Experience the Joy of Giving


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