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Use appropriate behavior for each personality style for optimum results!

Now that you know the basic attributes of each personality style, you can begin to adapt your behaviors to the desires of everyone you interact with.

Indirect and Open

Needs to Know About: How it will affect their personal circumstances and relationships

Do It With: Warmth and friendliness

Save Them: Conflict and sudden change

To Facilitate Decision-Making, Provide: Attentive service and personal assurances

Likes You to Be: Pleasant

Support Their: Feelings

Create This Environment: Personal

Maintain This Pace: Slow/relaxed

Focus on This Priority: The relationship/ communication

At Play Be: Casual and cooperative

Use Time To: Develop the relationship and listening to them

Write This Way: Warm and friendly

On the Telephone Be: Warm and pleasant
Direct and Open

Needs to Know About: How it enhances their status and visibility

Do It With: Flair

Save Them: Effort

To Facilitate Decision-Making Provide: Testimonials and incentives

Likes You to Be: Stimulating

Support Their: Ideas

Create This Environment: Enthusiastic

Maintain This Pace: Fast/ spontaneous

Focus on This Priority: The relationship/ interaction

At Play Be: Spontaneous and playful

Use Time To: Enjoy the interaction

Write This Way: Informal and dramatic

On the Telephone Be: Conversational and playful
Indirect and Guarded

Needs to Know About: How they can justify it logically / how it works

Do It With: Accuracy

Save Them: Embarrassment

To Facilitate Decision-Making Provide: Data and documentation

Likes You to Be: Precise

Support Their: Procedures

Create This Environment: Serious

Maintain This Pace: Slow/systematic

Focus on This Priority: The task/the process

At Play Be: Structured/Play by the rules

Use Time To: Ensure accuracy

Write This Way: Detailed and precise

On the Telephone Be: Businesslike and precise
Direct and Guarded

Needs to Know About: What it does / by when / what it costs

Do It With: Conviction

Save Them: Time

To Facilitate Decision-Making Provide: Options with supporting analysis

Likes You to Be: To the point

Support Their: Goals

Create This Environment: Businesslike

Maintain This Pace: Fast/ decisive

Focus on This Priority: The task/ the results

At Play Be: Competitive and aggressive

Use Time To: Act efficiently

Write This Way: Short and to the point

On the Telephone Be: Short and to the point

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