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The Thought Diet

The thought diet, developed by my friend and colleague Jim Cathcart, is a tool that you can use on a daily basis to help you develop as a person and achieve the goals you have set for yourself. It breaks down goals into daily actions that are bite-size and easy to do. By showing you the steps along the way, the thought diet will keep you from being overwhelmed by your lofty goals.

Thought Diet Action Plan

On your thought diet card, write out the "minimum daily standards" that you will perform every day to move you closer to your goal. Be specific.

The following are some examples of minimum daily standards:

  • Mental: I will spend 15 minutes every evening doing
         visualization exercises.

  • Physical: I will do at least five push-ups and ten sit-
         ups every morning.

  • Professional: I will read something related to my
         career for at least 15 minutes before going to bed.

  • Financial: I will keep a complete record of every
         expense and financial transaction.

  • Spiritual: Each day I will do a good deed to help 
         someone less fortunate than I.

  • Family: I will relax over dinner and enjoy a
         meaningful uninterrupted conversation with my

  • Social: I will take time during my coffee breaks in the
         office to chat with co-workers.

    Inspiration and Motivation

    Read the thought diet card twice a day until everything becomes a habit. Once you've developed constructive habits, you can move on to new goals and behaviors. Fill out a new card and practice the new challenges every day until they become habits. In this way, you will painlessly move closer and closer to your goals.

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