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Silent Messages - Your Physical Image

 You don't need to be a sharp-looking, smooth talker to succeed. That's like saying the applicant with the best-looking resume--professionally typeset on the fanciest paper should always get the job. Obviously, it's the person behind the resume who counts.

But what if the resume is soup-stained, contains obvious misspellings, or presents the job-seeker's credentials in a confusing, illogical way? That applicant, no matter how qualified, probably would lose out if he or she couldn't produce a resume that didn't meet at least minimal standards.

So it is with physical image. Few are going to be fooled over the long-run by someone who merely looks good on the surface. But failure to do so could easily undercut all your other skills and virtues.

A purchasing agent once told me how he was approached by a salesman who, at first glance, appeared impeccable: nicely styled hair, well-tailored suit, stylish shoes, leather briefcase, expensive pen, the works. Then the salesman crossed his legs, revealing white socks. The purchasing agent was so astonished at this incongruity that he totally lost track of anything the salesman said. And, of course, no sale was made.

You make a statement by not only what you wear but by how fit and healthy you look, your posture, and what and how you eat - even how you shake hands. A more subtle element is eye contact.

So, if you're shy, or if you process information more through sound and touch rather than through sight, you may forget that direct eye contact is vital - and not just when you say hello, but all through the conversation.

A final element of a good physical first-impression is a smile. Like eye contact, a smile is a small gesture with a powerful impact. Pianist/comedian Victor Borge put it wonderfully when he described a smile as "the shortest distance between two people." Shortening that distance by attending to your smile is yet another way to sharpen your silent image...and thus, improve your charisma.

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