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Sending Emails by Style

Sometimes you do not get a chance to see your client in person or call
them on the phone and contact may be limited to an email. If so, here's
some suggestions for tailoring your emails by style:

Indirect and Open

*Relaters like emails that are updates on people or that keep in touch and let them know you're thinking of them.

*Relaters like thank you emails for almost anything: inviting them to an office party, bringing lunch back for them or including them on a company function. They may even send a thank you email to you to acknowledge your thank you email.

Direct and Open

*Feel free to use exclamation points, underlining and bold highlighting,
unusual fonts, several colors and graphics.

*In your text, emphasize emotion-laden, picturesque adjectives and adverbs.

*Write in the same stimulating, energetic way that Socializers speak.

*When possible, include personal anecdotes or references to shared
experiences. Socializers like postscripts and even a "P.P.S.: ____"

Indirect and Guarded

*Thinkers seek to clarify positions and address processes. Consequently,
emails can be rather long and filled with information and questions, while at the same time being somewhat indirect and intentionally obtuse.

*A second type of email you can send to a Thinker is a short communiqué with an accompanying host of enclosures, citations or references.

*The purpose of your emails to Thinkers is for them to to process information in ways that maintain or enhance their position.

Direct and Guarded

*Be brief and to the point.

*Highlight your conversations or materials, but do not get into too much detail unless necessary.

*Include specifics for your follow-through or raise questions you need answers to... now!

*Emails should take on abbreviated forms and with little or no strong feelings and/or tone expressed.

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