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What Each Style Does Best and What's Difficult for Them

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each style of person can serve as a crutch in your relationships. Focus on strengths and steer clear of potential problems.

Indirect and Open

What Do They Do Best?

- Bring harmony to group situations

- Are natural facilitators


What's Hard for Them?

- Competition

- Working with dictatorial or unfriendly people

- Accepting even positive criticism

Direct and Open

What Do They Do Best?

- Inspire others to take action

- Think fast on their feet

- PROMOTING ideas, opportunities or people

What's Hard for Them?

- Restrictions or routines

- Formal reports or keeping detailed records

- Re-doing anything once it's done

Indirect and Guarded

What Do They Do Best?

- Organize people and things

- Fine-tune ideas and solutions to make them more efficient

- PLANNING to meet specified expectations

What's Hard for Them?

- Working with unpredictable people or in disorganized environments

- Incomplete/ unclear directions

- Questions with no "correct" answer

Direct and Guarded

What Do They Do Best?

- Create a sense of urgency by pressing for closure and concrete decisions

- Figure out what needs to be done

- ENSURING bottom line results

What's Hard for Them?

- Doing the same tasks over & over

- Lots of rules and regulations

- Being diplomatic


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