The Way of the Customer

While it's very important to know exactly who you're working with, that's only half the battle. If someone isn't buying what you're selling, there's a good chance you won't be working at all. Here's a rundown of customer habits according to style:

Indirect and Open

- Like sales relationships based on trust

- Tend to make decisions collaboratively

- Turned off by aggressive, pushy salespeople

- Remain fiercely loyal once trust is establish

- Respond well to personal assurances

- Need gentle guidance to help make decisions
Direct and Open

- Make spontaneous decisions when excited about products and/or services

- See benefits before they're pointed out

- Often buy before they're sold

- Hate paperwork; want buying to be simple

- Need document to remind them of agreements
Indirect and Guarded

- Need time and data to evaluate to make decision

- Sometimes get lost in unimportant details; re-focus them

- Respond well to reducing or eliminating risk

- Want you to exhibit great expertise in your field

- View too much enthusiasm with skepticism
Direct and Guarded

- Want to see bottom-line impact of solution

- Look for purchases that save time or money

- May ask questions to test your competence

- Prefer people who don't waste their time

- Will hold you to every written, verbal and implied promise

- Make fast decisions when they see the benefits


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