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Voice Quality

A person's vocal quality conveys a message that is independent of the words spoken. Every sentence you speak is uttered with sounds that say as much or more than the words themselves. The best example is the word, "Oh." It has absolutely no meaning without the voice inflection accompanying it. Think about it.

Depending on how you say it, "Oh" can convey surprise, understanding, cynicism, doubt, anticipation, disappointment, or fear. Being aware of the emotion behind your voice will allow you to communicate precisely what you intend to say.

It is easy for doubt, fear, boredom, or fatigue to color what you are saying to others. If you are aware of your vocal quality, you can instead convey the enthusiasm, confidence and sincerity. Be aware of your voice and keep in mind the following points:

  • A strong, full voice projects confidence.

  • Speaking clearly and distinctly conveys intelligence.

  • A higher pitch and volume and faster rate of speaking convey enthusiasm.

  • Vocal changes can add emphasis by drawing attention to the important parts of your message. If you slow down and lower your volume when you say something important, your message will sink in.

  • Avoiding monotonous speech by varying your vocal qualities will keep the listener interested and make you more interesting.

  • Let your voice ebb and flow naturally. Be relaxed.
    Otherwise you will appear artificial and uncomfortable.

  • Stay tuned to your other's vocal qualities. You can infer the hidden messages in their speech.

  • Here's to more personal insight,


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