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Business Characteristics of Each Style

An essential function of business is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of those you work with. If you understand the type of person you're working with, you're much more likely to run a smooth, productive operation.


Indirect and Open

Typical business characteristics of the Relater include:

- Needs to know the order of procedures; fears the unknown

- Slow and steady; builds strong and deep relationships, but with fewer people

- Operates well as a member of the work group

- Motivated by customary, known, proven practices

- Oriented toward more concrete, repeatable actions

- Wants order and stability in the workplace

- Focuses on how and when to do things

- Works in a steady and predictable manner

- Likes a long-term relationship with their place of business and their fellow employees

Direct and Open

Socializer business characteristics include:

- Likes to brainstorm and interact with all colleagues

- Wants freedom from control, details, or complexity

- Likes to have the chance to influence, persuade or motivate others

- Likes the feeling of being a key part of an exciting team

- Wants to be included by others in important projects, activities or events

- Gets easily bored by routine and repetition

- May trust others without reservation; takes others at their word and does not check for themselves

- Typically have short attention spans, so they do better with frequent, short breaks

- Prefer talking to listening

Indirect and Guarded

Business characteristics of the typical Thinker include:

- Concerned with process; wants to know how something works

- Intuitive and original; once they know the expected structure, they may invent their own structure, method, or model

- More interested in quality than quantity; prefer lower output to inferior results

- Wants to be right; employs logical thinking processes in order to avoid mistakes

- Sometimes impedes progress with their constant checking and rechecking

- Dislikes unplanned changes and surprises

- Rejects open aggression

Direct and Guarded

Director business characteristics include:

- Prefers controlled timeframes

- Seeks personal control

- Gets to the point quickly

- Strives to feel important and be noteworthy in their jobs

- Demonstrates persistence and single-mindedness in reaching goals

- Expresses high ego need

- Prefers to downplay feelings and relationships

- Focuses on task actions that lead to achieving tangible outcomes

- Implements changes in the workplace

- Tends to freely delegate duties, enabling them to take on more tasks and pursue more goals


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