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Typical Social Behaviors of Each Style

Recognition is one of the most important aspects of putting The Platinum Rule to good use. Below are some characteristics of each style to help you better recognize and identify what type of person you're dealing with.


Indirect and Open

Typical social behaviors for the Relater include:

- Building ongoing relationships with a smaller number of people

- Wanting to be involved in (and identified with) their group

- Relating to others on a one-to-one basis, preferably with predictable role behavior by each person

- More casual, low-keyed, amiable relationships

- Giving and then receiving sincere attention

- Seeking stability in their lives through practices such as conformity

Direct and Open

Typical social behaviors of the Socializer include:

- Wants to be liked and admired

- Discusses most subjects, regardless of how distant or casual the relationship

- Naturally warm, expressive and enthusiastic

- Reluctant to fight or confront stressful people or situations

- Perceives life according to feelings; naturally discusses emotions with others

- Chooses associates and friends by "gut instinct" and trial-and-error

Indirect and Guarded

Typical social behaviors of the Thinker include:

- Quiet and observant; likes to collect information before entering a relationship

- Socially cool and distant; waits for other to take the initiative

- Discreet and tactful; not likely to tell secrets or the naked truth

- Serious; suspicious of others unless they have previously proven themselves

- Guarded; prefers a small group of friends and work associates

Direct and Guarded

Typical social behaviors of the Director may include:

- Competing actively in almost everything

- Participating in games or contests to win

- Wanting to know the purpose of a function

- Talking shop at gatherings

- Choosing friends by experimentation


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