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Visualization is an indispensable tool in helping people attain their goals. Musicians and athletes have proven that visualization is an effective substitute for real practice. In visualizing your goals, you will live your accomplishments in your mind's eye. The more of the five senses that you can involve, the greater your chances are of accomplishment.

For example, you may want to be the Salesperson of the Year in your company. You know that each year an awards banquet is given during which a plaque is presented to the year's sales leader. You may choose to focus on this banquet for your visualization exercise. Here is what you do:

Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and relax. Slowly and systematically go through all of the five senses. Imagine what you would be experiencing at the banquet.

Sight. Imagine what you would see there. You would see other salespeople and their spouses. Imagine what they are wearing. You would see tables decorated and waiters scurrying about. You would see the bar and people standing around talking. Keep expanding what you "see" for several minutes.

Sound. What would you hear? You would hear the chatter of people. You would hear laughter, the tinkling of glasses, music from a band, and people talking. You would also continually hear people coming up to congratulate you. Imagine that!

Smell. Imagine all the smells you would experience: women's perfume, food, alcohol, men's cologne, and the smell of floral decorations. What else?

Feel. What would your tactile sensations be? You would feel people rubbing up against you in the crowded room. You would feel others shaking your hand. What else?

Taste. Taste in your mind the champagne you will be drinking. Taste the food you will be eating. Experience the sweet taste of success -- in advance! Most importantly, imagine the exhilaration you will feel when your name is called to receive the award! Take your time during this exercise and enjoy it.

The more you can "visually" attend this banquet, the more motivated you will become.

To aid in your visualization exercise, you might want to start a visualization file. This is a file into which you put pictures, clippings, letters, and other reminders of what it will be like to succeed. Your file should also contain letters or awards that you have received in the past.

Anything that makes you feel good about yourself can be included in the file. It can then be used as a source of motivation and inspiration, especially if you begin to feel a little down or demotivated. We all need to be reminded of our past accomplishments once in a while. Be your own best friend -- remind yourself!


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