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What is it?

Determination is the deep and burning passion to see a project through the end. Determination is the epitome of entrepreneurial desire and ambition. The ability to work on, in, or at business obstacles until a satisfactory solution is derived or the problem ceases to be a hindrance to the business.

Why is it important?

Determination is fundamental to the entrepreneur's repertoire of skills to master. In the beginning stages of business, a fledging enterprise must face a diverse array of market dilemmas. Many faint-hearted entrepreneurs lose faith and clarity, soon to see their business vision blurred by the adversity of setback.

Determination is the metaphorical compass during the dark, unclear stages of business. It is the 'reserve' tank that fuels many struggling entrepreneurial ventures during times of difficulty--lack of funding, lack of strategy, and lack of differentiation.

How to get it if you don't have it?

Determination can be instilled in an entrepreneur. One of the first things you need to do is be passionate about something in your life. Thus, one of the primary steps you must take on your journey to finding determination is establishing a business vision to which you can direct and focus your passion.

Start small. You can be determined with many things outside of your entrepreneurial venture. Start a self-betterment program, challenge yourself, and set goals--financial, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Keep track of your advancement and improvement.

Find and set intermediate and long-term goals for both your personal and professional life. It can be both motivational and inspirational to become a student of individuals who have exhibited determination. Study and learn from others' examples of determination.

How to develop it if you have it?

Setting, tracking, and measuring goals can contribute to the development of determination. One of the most gratifying things for new entrepreneurs is the accomplishment of short-term goals and victories. Through small successes an entrepreneur can obtain newfound motivation and a bolstered level of determination.

Determination is also developed through clarity of your business vision. The more clear and tangible your idea is to becoming a reality, the more determined you may be to see it come into fruition. To develop determination, clarify your vision, set short-term goals, and celebrate all business victories.


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