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What is it?

Salesmanship is the ability to create interest in new and existing products, services, ideas, processes, systems, etc., through the distribution of information. This information is often distributed by way of letters, pamphlets, emails, face-to-face meetings, and so on. Salesmanship allows an entrepreneur to gain support for the various endeavors he or she faces as well as creating success for the business. Salesmanship is the creation of an appealing offer.

Why is it important?

The art of salesmanship is essential to all levels of business. It is through the sales process that entrepreneurs are able to find financing for their endeavors. The sales process is used to create and stabilize partnerships, attract qualified employees, and move products and services. Sales are the lifeblood of any organization.

Salesmanship is likely the single most important skill that any entrepreneur may possess. The scope of sales has increased substantially during the past few decades due to growth in the trade and industry. Persuasive salesmanship is essential in order to achieve the objective of the entrepreneur and to carry out the business plan. Entrepreneurs must master the art of selling; without this skill, the foundation on which you build your business will not be a solid one.

Mastering the art of selling consists of creating and presenting an offer in a manner that entices the recipient to purchase a service or product, agree with an idea, accept a system, etc.

How to get it if you don't have it?

The art of salesmanship requires practice and determination. Understanding salesmanship is the first step to nurture this skill. There are five basic elements involved in salesmanship. The first element you must learn to accomplish is to build a relationship with those that you are dealing with. The depth of this relationship will vary according to the commitment you are seeking. The second element of salesmanship is presentation of the information. Once you have presented the information in a way that the customer can understand, you will present an offer. Very rarely will the customer accept the offer. You must be prepared to identify and resolve any doubts that he or she may have. Finally, the fifth element of salesmanship is to obtain a commitment. This commitment is the sale.

How to develop it if you have it?

Once you understand and are able to perform the basic elements of salesmanship, the best way to further develop the skill is to practice it and practice it often. Develop a standardized approach to your sales calls; practice developing relationships with new acquaintances. Create a focus group and practice giving your presentation and then ask for feedback.


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