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How the Four Styles Involve Others in Groups

Working in a group, by definition, means involving others. But the four styles vary in why and how enthusiastically they embrace others.


Indirect and Open

RELATERS also are innately attracted to groups. However, instead of using meetings for presentation of reports, they prefer to work toward consensus as they collect information from many sources.

Direct and Open

SOCIALIZERS are more inclined to favor groups for groups' sake. They like others to be involved in the give-and-take. Not everyone who's put on a committee by a SOCIALIZER will have a logical role there but, in the SOCIALIZER's mind, that person is further seasoning for the soup, if not necessarily a main ingredient.

Indirect and Guarded

THINKERS, too, involve others in groups to get information from a wide variety of sources. However, the THINKERS are just less comfortable operating in groups. So they prefer to have much of the group work done behind the scenes by sub-groups or individuals. The THINKER especially likes to be the only one who knows how all the parts of the group's task puzzle fit together.

Direct and Guarded

Generally, groups put together by DIRECTORS will be smaller and have shorter meetings than those set up by people with other styles. Often, the DIRECTOR will want the group to make some key decisions on key issues, and then delegate the rest of the work to individuals or subcommittees.


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