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Give yourself an advantage in your choice of career by considering your behavioral tendencies.

As you are doubtless beginning to see, your behavior style is such a basic part of your personality that it influences all areas of your life -- from a conversation with a new acquaintance at a cocktail party to your choice of career. Each behavior style has very different tendencies that all translate into suitability for a certain type of job or industry. That is not to say that a relater will automatically fail if s/he wants to be an accountant, just that s/he might find teaching more perfectly suited to his/her personality. If you are considering a career move, why not give yourself an advantage and concentrate on the areas in which your personality is best suited?

Indirect and Open

Relaters prefer secure positions and careers where they can specialize in some areas and be part of a team, such as:

- Financial services

- Social worker

- Family doctor/nurse

- Residential or community services

- Teacher

- Personal assistant/secretary

- Insurance agent

- Librarian

- Customer service representative
Direct and Open

Socializers are well suited to careers that maximize their influence with people, and where they can socialize, mingle, and gain positive feedback, such as:

- Public relations

- Entertainment -- acting, talk show host, singing, reporting, public speaking --being on stage or in the public eye

- Professional host or hostess (party, restaurant, airline, etc.)

- Recreation director

- Politician

- Personnel interviewer

- Salesperson
Indirect and Guarded

Thinkers thrive in careers in which they can strive for perfection, creativity, and completeness, such as:

- Forecasters (political, weather, etc.)

- Critics (film, history, literary, etc.)

- Engineers

- Research scientists

- Data analysts

- Accountants/auditors

- Artists/sculptors/architects

- Inventors
Direct and Guarded

Directors prefer higher power positions and career areas where they can take charge, such as:

- President or CEO; i.e., the formally recognized leader

- Politician

- Policeman/woman

- Military officer

- Executive or manager

- Entrepreneur

- Owner of his or her own company

- General contractor

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