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Eliminate your time-wasters

In order to control you time, you have to know what you are doing with it now. The best way to determine this is to do an exercise that takes a maximum of a half an hour a day for 10 days. You will not have to go on a crash diet or run three miles a day, but I guarantee that by the last day you will have grown. You will look the same, but you will have grown (inside, of course). The insight you gain from evaluating your time usage is what you can base you time management goals on.

Directions: Make 10 copies of this worksheet. For the next 10 days, answer questions at the end of each workday. Be as detailed as possible. Try to state specifically how you will make the next day better.

1. What went right today? Why?

2. What went wrong today? Why?

3. What time did I start on my top priority task? Why? Could I have started earlier?

4. What patterns do I see in my time logs?

5. What part of my day was most productive? Least productive?

6. What were my three biggest time wasters today?

7. Which activities need more time? Which need less time?

8. Beginning tomorrow, what will I do to make better use of my time?

Here's to more personal insight,


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Time is a powerful force in your life. Most people allow it to control them -- constantly trying to catch up and get ahead.

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