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Feed your self-confidence with knowledge

Self-confidence is the food that feeds our personal growth. It is an indispensable part of achievement. Self-confidence stems from the self-awareness of our intrinsic worth as individuals. We are blessed with an incredible amount of potential, most of which is untapped. George Santayana once wrote, "Man is as full of potentiality as he is of importance." Santayana's thought also implies that the choice is ours, which it is.

Self-confidence works best when based on your own knowledge and self-respect, rather than on comparisons of yourself with others. A wise friend once said, "Don't compare yourself to other people because you will feel either pompous or bitter . . . and neither one is desirable." So our self-confidence has to exist in a vacuum, which it can. It feeds on the knowledge gained from discovering one's inner potential.

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