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Give Good Meetings

Meetings are not supposed to be, as one office critic said, "a practical alternative to working." In fact, if you plan the time and space, meetings can be productive as well as a means of promoting relationships.

Time. Meetings have been described as "a place where you keep the minutes and lose the hours." To avoid this, it's always wise to have an agenda and a time limit. Tell everyone when you expect the meeting to end. That will help everyone stay on track and get everything done.

Space. Try to hold meetings in an attractive location so participants will feel comfortable and important. If they enjoy their surroundings, they will probably have a more positive attitude toward the discussion. A neutral location avoids the territorial problems of meeting on someone else's turf. Movable seating allows participants to establish their own semi-fixed territories and spatial arrangements.

Meetings do not have to waste people's time; if planned and executed correctly, they can be a useful and constructive activity.

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The average meeting costs over $1,000 in employee time.

Meetings are currently the most expensive communication activity in the corporate world. Meetings cost more than word processing, computers, paperwork, or multitudes of phone calls. Consider the salaries of those in attendance, preparation costs, travel expenses, and the price of materials, facilities and equipment used during the meeting. Even if an organization conducted only two meetings a week, the total annual cost for those gatherings would run well over $100,000.

Perhaps even more costly than the loss of time and money is the reduced morale that happens when people are forced to sit through poorly planned and conducted meetings. When unproductive meetings occur regularly, people with demanding schedules begin to avoid attending. Yet, these are the very individuals whose participation may be most important.

Conducting Powerful Meetings is an eReport that will break the cycle of the miserable, money-losing meeting. You will learn to manage meetings effectively, plan, conduct, and follow-up after the meetings. Meetings should not just waste time; well-planned and properly executed ones offer enormous benefits.

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