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Apathy is a Major Social Problem -- But Who Cares?

Actually, it is -- and we all should care because it's enthusiasm, not apathy, that makes the world go 'round. John Wesley, the famous founder of Methodism, was asked how he was able to attract such crowds when he preached. He replied, "I just set myself on fire and people will come from miles to watch me burn."

Being enthusiastic isn't merely talking energetically and gesturing wildly about your passion. It can take a quieter path. Maybe your enthusiasm is revealed by the earnestness and persistence with which you seek to get others involved. Maybe it's shown by your strength of commitment, your refusal to become discouraged. Maybe it's that spark in your eye, or that warm smile, and the unmistakable genuineness that emanates from you as you explain, again and again, your mission.

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Enthusiasm is contagious!

When you're working on a project and you're part of a team, your enthusiasm toward your part and the overall project will catch on throughout the team. Instead of viewing the project as an extra burden, your teammates and co-workers will be excited to work together to get the job done.