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Tony Alessandra

Dr. Alessandra's Recent Rave Reviews

"We asked for and you delivered an hour to remember! You met and exceeded my expectations. You were well prepared, applied the material that we requested and delivered a high-energy presentation. Thanks!"
Sandra Burns, Manager, Corporate Communications

"Tony Alessandra delivers and then some! He's engaging, entertaining and right on the mark when it comes to tailoring his presentation to the audience. His message works on a number of levels. It's a talented speaker who can involve his audience right from the get go, and hold their interest throughout. When an audience is still talking about the presentation the next day, you know you have a hit. Tony is gifted."
Sandra Carroll, The American Automobile Association

"A great speaker...both his message and his presentation are truly first rate."
Gary Duncan, Director of Human Resources, Toys "R" Us - USA

"Our association needed a presenter that had meaty customer relations content and left you laughing. Tony Alessandra fit that to a tee. His approach to customer relations and empowering our members to be in control of the presentation process was the message we needed to hear."
Gene Waddell, Florida Association of Insurance Agents

"Members and guests LOVED you. I received many, many, many unsolicited compliments about you. It's a great feeling for me. Especially, you impressed the more seasoned members of our organization. They are a hard bunch to impress!"
Mary Sandro, Professional Edge

"Dr. Tony Alessandra established immediate rapport with an audience of 225+ sales professionals, demonstrated a pragmatic approach to improving customer satisfaction and retention through collaborative selling and ignited my sales team exactly as I had hoped. Well done and certainly a curtain call is in order!"
Kevin Dougherty, REED Construction Data

"Tony's presentation had real impact. The points he made were not only relevant to our audience; they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun. It was great to have such an important topic delivered with punch as well as humor."
Corrine Smith, Black & Veatch

"I had so many great compliments about your presentation, but more important, your business message, they are too numerous to mention specifically to you!"
Linda Curtin, National Speakers Association

"It is hard to be the first speaker in the morning, especially after the meeting attendees had an "open evening" in Miami the night before. However, you drew people into the room until it was full, and no one even considered leaving."
Alan Nissalke, American Logistics Association

"Your presentation was just what the doctor ordered! The independent financial advisors appreciate practical suggestions on how they can build their practice."
Dave Anders, Integrity Companies

"Tony Alessandra excited our audience! He is a vibrant speaker that uses examples we can all relate as well as to clearly articulate his point. He mixes humor with real world experience and certainly can perk up an audience. His message was relevant to our needs and he does his homework. Not only was he a "Motivational" speaker, but we all can walk away with something that can be applied in our everyday business transactions. Recommend to all, 2 thumbs up!"
Jody Pencek, Baan Americas

"You delivered exactly what I had hoped for after an exhausting and emotional series of prior presenters. Quite a tough act to follow."
Chris Chapman, Pfizer, Inc.

"Your Program far surpassed my expectations. Your interactiveness with the delegates in attendance, your positive up beat attitude, and your dedication to what you believe in truly shined on stage and off."
Mark Odell, Baan Americas

"Your presentation at AIUM in Nashville was fabulous - everything I had hoped and more…There is nothing I would have changed. The overall reaction of the audience was unanimously positive on all fronts. Everybody was enthusiastic and many were still talking about your presentation all the way through the convention. In short - you were a hit!!"
Beryl Benacerraf, American Inst. of Ultrasound in Medicine

"I found Tony to be a powerful speaker. His message was thought provoking, inspiring, and gave my team useful tools that could be incorporated immediately."
James McPartland, Star Trac Fitnesss

"Tony Alessandra totally engaged my sales team from minute one. He incorporated our language into his presentation and made the audience believe he understood everything about our business. There were a lot of "take-aways" that will stick with my team for a long time."
Linda Palczuk, AstraZeneca

I think our president said it best…"Of all the speakers we have had, you're the first person to listen to what we had to say and incorporate that into your presentation."
David McCafferty, Carter Lumber Company

How do you translate typically mundane topics like Customer Loyalty and Embracing Change into a delivery using common words and levity that the entire breadth of an organization can understand and remember? Tony Alessandra. If you hear him once, then you will want to hear him again!"
Greg Wallendar, Thermo Finnigan

"The radio business in Seattle has changed. We now need to prospect, sell, and create apostles in our industry. You hit the target right on. Your presentation addressed our needs specifically. In fact, I was most impressed with your personal touch…Talk about customer service! I am thoroughly impressed that you cared about our goals and did everything in your power to make the event a huge success."
Ann Marie Bobin, Puget Sound Radio Broadcasters Association

"You were over the top, and far exceeded our expectations. Everyone from the Executive Staff in attendance, to the Sales Directors, Regional Leaders, Marketing Team… the entire group was impressed. We appreciate your message, energy, style of presentation, and most importantly the delivery. We will definitely be in contact about potential future opportunities, and from one Socializer to another… "Let the GOOD TIMES roll."
Christopher Moreland, GE Engine Services


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I thoroughly enjoyed your speech and found many new, useful ideas to use immediately in my business... That's a great presentation. Thanks!
--Rose Clayton
I wanted to pass along my personal thanks to you for speaking at our annual Program Manager's conference. All of the feedback that I received, both in person, as well as in writing, was overwhelmingly positive, and your talk was a big part of that! Thanks again, and I hope that we'll see you at a future Harris event.
--Amos Morse
Thank you for the kind words. Your presentation was the best of all outside presentations - everyone thought you were great! I look forward to the opportunity to put you in front of other clients of ours in the future.
Tony's presentation had real impact. The points he made were not only relevant to our audience, they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun. It was great to have such an important topic delivered with punch as well as humor. His anecdotes were fabulous. Ask him about the pots and pans.
--Corrine Smith
Thanks so much for your presentation at NSA San Diego last week. It was the best combination of practical tips and inspiration that I have seen at an NSA meeting ever! Thanks again for your powerful message and willingness to spend so much time with those of us starting out.
--Jim Cartmill